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The 1st publication to examine this actual topic, The Roman e-book of Gardening brings jointly a very diversified collection of texts on Roman horticulture, celebrating herb and vegetable gardening in verse and prose spanning 5 centuries. In vibrant new translations through John Henderson, Virgil's Georgics stand along ignored works via Columella, Pliny and Palladius, bringing to lifestyles the suggestions and hindrances, delights and exasperations of the Roman gardener. We additionally listen of the digging, hoeing, planting and weeding which then, as now, went into developing the right backyard. this can be a well timed and invaluable contribution to our figuring out of gardening heritage, Roman tradition and Latin literature.

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At many sites it even prolongs its active life right through a decade. 42 § Beet is buried as seed when the Punic pomegranate is in bloom. As soon as it has five leaves, like cabbage, it is spaced out in summer if it’s a well-watered spot, or if it is arid, it will need spacing in autumn just after the rains set in. § Chervil, likewise orach, which Greeks call ‘andraphaxis’, must be buried around 1 October, but in a spot with no extreme cold. For if the region has cruel winters, the seeds must be broadcast after the Ides of February, and allowed to keep their position.

6 Next, the soil that of its own accord rears up leafy elms, wild vine joyful. Wild pear woods rough. Submerged by plum’s stoned fruit, it exults. A carpet of apple’s volunteered plenty. Yet refuses hellebores, including the white poison sap sort, and suffers no yews, sweats no virulent toxins, even when it has delivered the crazed ‘half a human’ plant and produces the mandrake flowers. And the gloom of hemlock. Both fennel canes (rough on hands) and (legs’ enemy) bramble’s face to the world. 7 Note, rivers do make good neighbours.

Now let’s go. ‘Cultivation’, calendar times for sowing seeds, ‘how to care’ for the seedlings. ‘Which star governs’ the first germination of flowers, ‘rosebeds at Paestum’ in bud;9 which governs ‘Bacchus’ stock’; the loading on surrogate stems that bows down the mellow tree with the fruit she has fostered. Pierian sisters, channel the song fine. 11 Titan Sun has now balanced his disc with equinox hours. Autumn is brimming. He tosses his forehead, cider-stained and soaked in fermenting juice. He tramps out the foaming grapes.

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