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By Paul B. Thompson, Tonya C. Cook

ISBN-10: 0786963654

ISBN-13: 9780786963652

Whereas the Elven Exiles fight for survival within the far away state of Khur, the elves closing in Qualinesti face persecution, enslavement, and extermination. Amid nice ache and unrelieved evil, a insurgent leader--masked, nameless, and with unusual powers--appears, decided to cleanse the land of invaders.

Meanwhile, Kerianseray, the Lioness, Kagonesti basic and spouse of Speaker Gilthas, unearths herself magically transported from definite demise in Khur to both dire straits in her former place of origin. As Gilthas leads the elves around the trackless desolate tract looking for a brand new domestic, the Lioness fights ruthless slavers and crosses paths with the mysterious masked progressive of Qualinesti.

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Energy cost to create: 500. Frostbite Regular; Resisted by HT Lowers the temperatures in the body tissues of the subject, causing damage or death. Affects the whole victim if cast from a distance; if cast by Mage’s Touch, damage is limited to the part touched. Armor does not protect. Duration: Damage is permanent until healed. Cost: 1 per die of damage done, up to 3. Time to cast: 3 seconds. Prerequisites: Frost, Freeze. Item: Wand or staff. Usable only by a mage; must touch victim. Cost to create: 700 energy.

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