Download e-book for iPad: Alien Plants (Collins New Naturalist Library, Volume 129) by Michael J. Crawley, Clive A. Stace

By Michael J. Crawley, Clive A. Stace

ISBN-10: 0007502168

ISBN-13: 9780007502165

The notice 'aliens' can be utilized in lots of methods, to invoke worry, dislike and fascination. For biologists it's used to point organisms which have been brought by way of humans to new territories. within the British Isles alien vegetation are universal, conspicuous, pestiferous, appealing, fit to be eaten – and will be either priceless and damaging. over the past fifty years, the research of alien crops has stepped forward from an eccentric pastime, permitting beginner botanists to extend the complete of untamed crops that they can list, to the full-blown sciences of invasion ecology and alien genetics. Alien species not current an non-compulsory additional, yet needs to be authorised as an essential component of mainstream botanical research. the volume and breadth of information that has been accrued on alien crops within the British Isles is outstanding. the topic has get to grips either to naturalists and most of the people, as a result of such varied issues as harm to the surroundings by way of eastern Knotweed and New Zealand Pigmyweed, the charm of bees and butterflies to towns by means of such vegetation as Buddleja, the proceedings concerning Leylandii hedges, the threats to the purity of our local Bluebell by way of the mass planting of its Spanish relative, and the cultivation of latest forms of Christmas tree. during this very important addition to the hot Naturalist sequence, Stace and Crawley offer a finished evaluation of the numerous vegetation that experience develop into a vital part of the British wild flowers and a distinct perception into why alien crops are so vital.

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