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This publication places all rumors apart on alchemy. it tells directly up what's actual alchemy and what's faux. this can be very informative and that i may suggest it to someone drawn to the topic

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The destiny of the Soul is essentially dependent upon the personal Spirit of that particular Human Being, with which she is connected. Without that communication she cannot make a connection with the Uppermost. This Spirit of the Human Being is, therefore, the true focal point of the middle Nature, upon which everything is dependant. Therefore, the first and foremost work of the Alchemists is the cleansing and exaltation of the Spirit, which the Hermetics call Mercurius. The modern Philosophers and Psychologists do not recognize over and above the common conceptual thinking of a Human Being, a higher, transcendental ability of the Spirit.

Even outsiders, who somehow came into possession of these names, would experience the same success, if they would make use of such a name. Jesus himself made use of certain nomina sacra, when He engaged in magictherapeutic activities, just as his disciples did. Alchemy Unveiled Page 33 -(Matthew 8-16/Lukas 10-17) The whole 17th chapter of the Gospel of St. John deals with the communication of the mysterious god-given Name to the disciples. Having received such a spiritual name represents a high and holy obligation, because through this name, the Human Being should be reminded of his true intended purpose and his higher mission.

Lullius, Philalethes, Welling and also others taught the short way, which alone is the "VIA REGIA" of the true Adepts. Alchemy Unveiled Page 46 I. The Work of Dissolution. The Preparation of the Azoth. " -(Axiomata, 1736) The dissolving water, as aforementioned, is not given to Human Beings by Nature, but instead this secret Spirit of Vinegar must be artfully prepared by Human Beings. The Adepts keep total silence when it comes to the preparation, and when they talk about it, the explanations are very vague.

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