New PDF release: Aerial Plant Surface Microbiology (The Language of Science)

By Cindy E. Morris, C. Nguyen-The, P.C. Nicot

ISBN-10: 0306453827

ISBN-13: 9780306453823

ISBN-10: 0585341648

ISBN-13: 9780585341644

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J, The Plant Cuticle, Academic Press. London. Bauer, H. and Sch{Snherr, J. 1992, Determination of mobilities of organic compounds in plant cuticles and correlation with molar volumes. Pestic. Sci. 35:1 - I 1. Baur, E and Sch6nherr, J. t995, Temperature dependence of the diffusion of organic compounds across plant cuticles. Chemosphere 30:1331-1340. T. and Sch/Snherr, J. 1996a, Concentration dependent mobility of chlorphenvinophos in isolated plant cuticles. Pestic. Sci. 47: 171-180. , Sch6nherr, J.

The quantities o f sugars on the two plant lines were 470 and 512 nmol cm -2 for glucose, 479 and 462 nmol cm 2 for fructose, and 1751 and 1190 nmol cm 2 for sucrose. The majority o f substances (75% o f the sugars, and 52% o f the amino acids) was collected after the first spraying. There was a risk o f leaching amino acids with a second Figure 1. ) by water spraying. A sprayer with a flow of nitrogen gas of 17 L rain ~ was used to obtain a very low water pressure. 3 mm diameter and the leaf surface was covered uniformly.

Entomol. Exp. Appl. 80: 197-201. D. E. 1995, Effects of plant epicuticular lipids on insect herbivores. Ann. Rev. Entomol. 40:171-194. , and Chamel, A. 1989, Foliar uptake and translocation of iron, zinc, manganese. Influence of chelating agents. Plant Phvsiol Biochem. 27(5}: 713-722. l~, Barry, R and Derridj, S. 1993, kes mdtabolites de la surface foliaire (phylloplan): pr6sence et r61e dans les relations plante-insecte. Acta Bot. Gallica 140: 207-216. , Jolivet, E. and Derridj, S. ): variations in relation to leaf heterogeneity and position on the plant.

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