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By James N., Jr. Pitts

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Content material: Advances in Photochemistry; Contents; Vapor section Photochemistry of the impartial Oxides and Sulfides of Carbon; Photolysis of Saturated Alcohols, Ethers, and Amines; Excitation and Deexcitation of Benzene; basic Photoprocesses o f Organo-Transition steel Compounds; Intramolecular Proton move in Electronically Excited Molecules; Excited country habit of a few Bichromophoric platforms; topic Index

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Assign only a single surface tension to the entire molecular solvent-accessible surface area; this is also done in the PE/ST/FGH and PCM10 models. All these authors rationalize this by calling the ST part a hydrophobic term, but it is clear that other non-electrostatic effects must then be being absorbed into the cavity parameterization and, in Still et al’s MM case, possibly into the partial atomic charges. Many groups have chosen to specifically calculate cavitation and/or dispersion terms. The former typically are computed by the scaled particle theory, following Pierotti [142], while several different approaches have been formulated for the latter.

256], and Young et al. [195] have all focused on the interesting aqueous basicity trend of the series ammonia, methylamine, dimethylamine, and trimethylamine. In the gas phase, it is well established that the order of basicity for these amines is Me3N > Me2NH > MeNH2 > NH3 [257, 258]. This may be understood on the basis of simple polarizability arguments. However, in aqueous solution, the basicity ordering changes to MeNH2 ≈ Me2NH > Me3N ≈ NH3 [259]. All of these studies indicate that changes in basicity are dominated by the electrostatic component of the free energy of solvation of the relevant ammonium ions.

One difficulty with this approach though is that the multipole series is not necessarily convergent at small distances. A second is that for large molecules, a single-center expansion is a very unnatural way to represent the electrostatics. Even very small molecules may require large numbers of terms in the multipole expansion to converge it. For example, a treatment of electron scattering by acetylene that employed a singlecenter multipole expansion contained terms with l up to 44 in an attempt to converge the anisotropy of the electrostatics [224].

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