Rosanne Olson's ABCs of Beautiful Light: A Complete Course in Lighting for PDF

By Rosanne Olson

ISBN-10: 1608957179

ISBN-13: 9781608957170

Every little thing we see is lit by means of one resource or one other. The questions are: what and the way? that's what this booklet is designed to coach you. via Rosanne Olson’s tried-and-true direction on lights ideas for images, video, and artwork in most cases, you will find how the angles and heights of your gentle resources have an effect on your images. you'll find out how to paintings with gentle modifiers to alter the standard of your mild, and the way to regulate gentle to create a sense of intensity and dimension—whether you’re capturing with usual gentle, non-stop man made gentle, studio strobes, devoted flash, or a mixture of assets. Assignments are incorporated that will help you positioned each one thought into perform as you excellent your abilities and teach your eyes to work out the subtleties of sunshine. you are going to by no means examine a photo or portray within the related manner when you learn this book!

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We will cover this in more detail as we go along. 30 ABCs of beautiful light Light Height and Direction Light is everywhere. But even though it may seem that we are bathing in light, most light sources have a direction and a height. For example, sun shines from the east in the morning, directly overhead at noon, and from the west at sunset. If a room is lit by window light, there is also a direction to that light. A basement window will provide a higher window light source, while an attic window may provide a lower window light source.

When looking at paintings, observe the catchlights in the reflective surfaces. Catchlights are incredibly important to painters. Imagine the painter long ago painting by lantern or sunlight, undiffused or softened by clouds or white fabric. Observe how the artist used the light source position and color for dramatic effect to create a sense of story. After evaluating the size, shape, Girl with Lock and Key © Koo Schadler. Egg tempera, on true gesso panel, finished with oil. com) This is a photograph by Schadler.

Mark increments of X on the floor (wherein X is a given distance—a foot or a yard, for example). Photograph the subject at 1X, then slide them to 2X, then 3X, etc. You will have to change your aperture to maintain a consistent exposure on the subject. Write down your f/stops as you move the subject away from the source. Part 2: Distance and a 45 Degree Angle. Do a similar exercise, but this time do it with your light pointed toward your subject at a 45 degree angle, so it is also lighting a background (placed approximately 8 feet away).

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