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By Clifford Newton. Mills

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Writer: manhattan, D. Van Nostrand corporation booklet date: 1916 matters: Mechanics Notes: this can be an OCR reprint. there is typos or lacking textual content. There are not any illustrations or indexes. in case you purchase the final Books variation of this publication you get loose trial entry to the place you could choose from greater than one million books at no cost. you may also preview the publication there.

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1 _ 2_5 _ -32^-20—4^. = Momentum of hammer and nail before impact = velocity after . ^>,, "^ • F, where F the initial is after impact the impact. Hence — — —^ 4 F. Therefore F equals i6*32 per second. Let t feet 161 be the time of penetration. Impulse 400 t = — Then 20. 32 Hence / -equals -h second. during the penetration is | The average F or -—- velocity feet per second. 37 KINETICS The moved by distance 12 — 1600 • lOI A 2. —= I • I Example the nail is o • T. 8 inches. 64 cannon weighing 40 tons fires a 1500-pound shell with a velocity of 1200 feet per second.

Work. and (b) is If the required? Energy is defined as the capacity for doing There are two kinds of energy, called potential kinetic. E. =|-z;2 (66) g Hence is it equal to the proven that the work done easily change that of kinetic energy; K. E. ^i-(v2^-vi^)^FXs, . (67) g It is evident that the consideration of often be solved problems which are solved from changes of momentum, might by considering the change of kinetic energy. A weight of 3 tons has been lifted i. of 8 feet. What is the potential a distance vertically energy which the weight possesses at this height?

KINETICS 32. Work. When 41 a force acts upon a body and causes motion against resistance it is said to do work. Work is measured by the product of the force and the distance through which the body moves, or W==Fs 33. Unit of (64) Since work Work. is measured by the product of the force and the distance, the unit is taken as that amount of work done by a unit force acting through a unit distance. The most generally used unit is the work done by a force of i pound acting through a distance of i foot, and it is called the foot-pound of work.

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