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One zero one extra Illustrated Crossword Puzzles comprises 10 reproducible devices, nine of which specialize in a thematic strategy. The 10th unit is made from mixtures of phrases from the 1st 9 devices. the ten devices are: Opposites, Outer area, protection, Sea Creatures, Taking a visit, within the urban, bugs, Musical tools, well-being Care and mixed. devices One via 9 comprise: •study of 30 thematically associated vocabulary phrases •30 numbered sentences utilizing the vocabulary phrases in a regular context •a drawings web page with all of the vocabulary phrases illustrated and numbered to correspond with the sentences pointed out above •a likelihood to perform writing the notice earlier than doing the 1st crossword puzzle •3 ten observe crossword puzzles, that are additionally an identical workout •2 fifteen observe crossword puzzles, which include a record •3 twenty notice crossword puzzles, which include a record •2 thirty notice crossword puzzles Unit Ten contains: eleven twenty-four be aware crossword puzzles made of phrases from the 1st 9 devices there's a entire resolution key.

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Wearing safety glasses protects your eyes. 7. There are traffic lights at busy intersections. 8. To be a lifeguard you have to be an excellent swimmer. 9. When I went out in the sun I put on sunscreen to protect my skin. 10. My safety boots have steel toes. 11. You should be careful not to listen to music played too loudly. 12. The job of the police is to catch criminals. 13. In many places it is against the law not to wear your seatbelt. 14. A construction worker wears a hard hat. 15. It is a good idea to lock things so they do not get stolen.

17. You should always stop at the curb before you cross a street. 18. When I was in a car accident the airbag in my car saved my life. 19. When you are riding a bike you should signal your turns and stops. 20. At night you should park your car near a light. 21. We change the batteries in our smoke detector regularly. 22. My mother said I should be careful when I play at the park. 23. Children should never accept anything from a stranger. 24. We built a fence so our children would be safe in our yard.

A scallop has an ax-shaped foot which it uses to burrow into the sand. 7. A seal likes to eat fish, shrimp, crab, clam, snail, and even octopus. 8. A dolphin is a mammal, not a fish. 9. Shrimp are long, slender crustaceans. 10. A starfish is not a fish. A fish has a backbone. A starfish does not. 11. A turtle is a reptile. It has a protective shell. 12. The sea horse has a head and neck shaped like a horse. 13. A barnacle likes to attach itself to rocks, ship bottoms and whales. 14. Plankton is the microscopic plant and animal life in the ocean.

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